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This design practice started from a very simple idea: the Canadian context is unique and important. Meditations on labour, paradox, and feelings of estrangement in our culture drive this body of work. During a time of intense social and environmental upheavals, the need for alternative conceptions of community and ecology, and the way these concepts interact, become increasingly dire. My work attempts to treat the themes of kinship, labour, and environment with gravity and nuance. Steering away from irony, I believe these topics deserve practical insights and interpretation through a novel design practice, exploring how self-examination might remind us of what we work for.


Each design is brought to life through arduous pattern development, fabric manipulation, and couture sewing techniques. As each garment and accessory is specially made to order, often by a single pair of hands, please allow two to three weeks of confection time before your item is shipped. Should this need to be extended, I’ll be in touch. I sincerely thank you for being here and taking the time to engage with my work. I am always available through Instagram or my contact form here

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